Different Ways To Prepare Yourself For An Ayahuasca Retreat

Different Ways To Prepare Yourself For An Ayahuasca Retreat


Are you about to go for an Ayahuasca retreat? Not exactly sure how you are going to prepare yourself for the entire process? Well, some preparations are indeed important for a better Ayahuasca experience. It is quite impossible to predict what exactly is going to happen to you during the retreat. However, by following the procedures, you will be able to become more ready for whatever is going to come. So, here we have listed of few methods by which you will be able to prepare yourself for the Ayahuasca retreat Mexico and make your experience a better one:


The diet is the most important part of the preparation for an ayahuasca ceremony. It is not only a physical diet but also a mental one. Try to avoid for at least 2 weeks meat, alcohol, drugs, coffee, junk food, salt, sugar, irritants, eggs and heavy food in general. This will help you to clean your body from toxins reduce the heaviness in the stomach.

For the mental diet you should turn of the TV and take a walk in the nature, avoid social-media, TikTok, YouTube and too much info from the web. Don’t overload your mind with movies, clips and pictures. This will help you to calm down and be ready to receive the more subtle information from the sacred plant medicine. Otherwise, your brain is still processing the information it couldn’t digest before the ceremony.


Meditation is one of the most important tools by means of which you will be able to increase your concentration level, settle your mind and know how to control your emotions. Ayahuasca ceremonies can become intense sometimes and your mental state is triggered. So, if you wish to remain focused throughout the ceremony and do not want to let their distractions affect you, then you can choose to go for meditation and end all your fears and worries.


It is quite important for you to remain physically healthy for your Ayahuasca retreat. Opting for yoga is a very good way to prepare yourself physically and mentally. You should start doing yoga at least a month before your retreat. In that way, you will be able to remain completely prepared for the retreat. You can also bring discipline into your life, which is again going to help you out during your Ayahuasca retreat.

Be In Contact With Nature:

This is yet another way by which you will be able to prepare yourself for the retreat. You should try to spend time around the various natural elements. This is going to calm your mind and you are going to feel a lot more relaxed and peaceful. It is also going to help you to lighten your soul. So, before your retreat, you should try to spend as much time appreciating nature as possible. Go and take a walk in the forest or at the beach. Sit down and just watch around the precious life around you.

Believe In The Process:

As long as you do not believe in a particular process, you are never going to experience its full benefits of it. So, before you opt for an Ayahuasca retreat, you need to believe in it. Make good research so that you know what it is about. If you feel a clear ‘yes’ in your heart, that is sign you need to be ready for this magnificent experience. Also in the ceremony: Relax your critical mind and just surrender to the medicine. Give yourself fully to the experience.

Final Thoughts:

This is how you can prepare yourself for your Ayahuasca retreat Tulum. For more details, contact us.

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