The New Improved Way To Remove Hair

The New Improved Way To Remove Hair


Many people in Australia are so busy nowadays. We have so many things to do and so little time in which to do them and anything that can save us time is very much appreciated. Something as simple as shaving our faces and legs, now bites into the time we have and having a way to address this issue is now at hand. We all have excessive hair or just hair, we don’t want or need anymore. It doesn’t provide any health benefits, so why not just get rid of it and then we don’t have to address the problem again. IPL hair removal is one such solution and I would like to tell you about its benefits.

How Does It Work.

The IPL hair removal procedure is very safe and here’s how it works. Melanin is contained within the bulbs and hair follicles on our bodies and wavelengths of light are absorbed by it. The light is then changed into heat, which heats the bulb and follicle and this stops the follicle from making new hair or it stops the hair from growing quickly back and if it does then the hair is finer and much lighter. It is totally non-invasive, there are no cuts, no bleeding and it takes less time than waxing or shaving. It only targets the melanin and so the tissue surrounding it is not touched.

How Long.

If you happen to live in Australia, IPL hair removal in Perth has never been easier and a number of specialists in the area offer this painless service. How many treatments you may really need depends on your skin colour and the real colour of your hair. If your skin is quite light, but you have darker hair, then this may only require four to six treatments and if you have naturally darker skin then up to ten appointments may need to be made. If its hair on your body that you would like treated, then treatments take place at four to six week intervals and for the face, two to four weeks. 

No Side Effects.

With laser hair removal, you will experience scaling, bruising and irritation of your skin, but with IPL hair removal there are few if any side effects. Because the treatments use suck a very low level of light, the layers of tissue in and around the treatment area are not affected. Before your treatment you must not wax your skin or manually pluck any hair for at least four weeks before your appointment. The sessions generally take between thirty to forty minutes which allows you to do it on your lunch break.


The Intense Pulsed light is completely non-invasive and is really effective. Because of this you should be able to apply make-up if necessary after the session and you can just return to work. It’s very unlikely to damage the top layers of your skin called the epidermis because the treatment uses a lot of wavelengths of energy to treat your skin. If you are tired of wasting time shaving and waxing all the time then an IPL treatment may be just the thing for you.

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