Could Float Therapy Be The Solution To All Your Problems?

Could Float Therapy Be The Solution To All Your Problems?


Although it has been around for many years, float therapy has lately been growing in popularity, and for good reason. With positive impacts on both your mental and physical health, float therapy can benefit you in whole number of ways that you might not be aware of.

What Is Float Therapy?

Combining Epsom salt and water, float tanks contain a solution in which you can float effortlessly. Float therapy generally entails spending one hour in a float tank in complete silence and tranquillity. The zero-gravity combined with a total deprivation of the senses allows you to switch off completely from the stressors of the outside world whilst freeing you of tension. The feeling has been described as like floating in outer space, and it is even safe to fall asleep whilst in the tank. If you want to try it out for yourself, it’s possible to find a local float tank in Joondalup. The benefits of float therapy have been widely lauded, and there are many of them.

What Are The Benefits?

Float therapy is a powerful advocate of wellness. It is used for relaxation, pain and stress relief, and is said to improve your sleep. The idea of creating a controlled environment in which you can experience “nothingness” means that it is an effortless experience. This is why many people favour it over more intensive sport therapies or meditation methods. The natural result of floating is to train your mind and body into relaxation, without any need for exertion on your part. During floating, the production of the stress hormone, cortisone, is decreased, and the brain enters a state akin to sleeping. This helps to propel you into a deep state of restfulness and serenity. On top of this, the salts in the water are great for your hair and exfoliate your skin, meaning floating also acts as a beauty therapy. The anti-gravity effect of floating removes all pressure points from the body, which in turn helps with pain relief and allows your body to regenerate. The salts also help in recovery from ailments by reducing joint and back pain, and furthermore help to prevent joint and muscle inflammation, resulting in you feeling more relaxed in the long term. 

The Science Behind It

Float therapy has its roots deep in science. First developed over 60 years ago, floating as a therapeutic act was conceived by neurophysiologist and psychoanalyst, Dr John Lilly. There have been many medical and scientific studies over the years which have backed the effectiveness of float therapy. Such studies have linked float therapy to a whole host of health benefits. These include, but are not limited to: improved cardio-vascular health; muscle relaxation; a boost in t-cells, which aid immune health; and an improvement in hormonal balance, which is achieved by increasing the “happy hormones”, endorphins, and reducing stress. 

Backed by scientists, medical professionals and wellness experts alike, float therapy is a highly reputed method of addressing stress and physical pain. The added medical and beauty benefits all come together to make it one of the most well-rounded treatments on the market. With regular use, float therapy’s benefits are enhanced and prolonged to ensure a lasting effect. So why not get down to a float tank today to try it out for yourself!

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