What Are The Best Solutions for Female Hair Loss?

What Are The Best Solutions for Female Hair Loss?

Symptems & Treatments

These days, hair replacement has become a world-wide multi-billion pound industry. With so many people wishing to look and stay younger, hair replacement is often thought of when someone finds that their hair is beginning to thin. Hair loss itself normally comes from a hereditary condition called “androgenic alopecia” in both ladies and gents. When testosterone changes into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in our bodies, it then becomes a hormone that will give rise to hereditary baldness.

Methods of Solution

  • As we all know, more males are prone to going bald than women. 
  • In many cases, if somebody realises that they are losing their hair, they wish to do something about it. 
  • Hair replacement can be arrived at through three different methods.

These methods are: 

1 – Treatments 

There are different treatments on the market, all which claim to re-grow hair. This type of treatment is used to thicken any areas that have thinned out. Even though this method comes with plenty of hype, it hasn’t yet been shown to be that effective. 

2 – Non-Surgical Hair integration

Wigs and hair pieces have been with us for ages and goes back to the times of Ancient Egypt and Rome. Hairpieces and wigs may be bought and fitted to a user’s head, and we all know how a wig works. 

3 – More Recent Innovation

There is nowadays a more advanced method of hair replacement, one which is certainly proving to be a very popular hair replacement for women and is known as ‘hair enhancement.’ This type integrates extensions and a scalp mesh to create natural looking hair. This works with all lengths of remaining hair and is fast becoming an original and creative technique of dealing with female hair loss. 

4 – Surgical Procedures

The more extreme and costly method for someone to undertake in hair replacement is by way of surgical procedures. These are normally considered for people who still have some hair still growing on the sides and the back of the head. Hair transplants are one method of surgically replacing lost hair by grafting pieces of scalp from the rear and sides of somebody’s head where hair is still growing and then relocating it to grow hair on the bald areas.

Another more radical surgical choice for someone considering a surgical process is what is known as a “scalp reduction”. When having a scalp reduction, the bald parts of somebody’s scalp are removed by sections. The surgeon will then stretch the scalp together and cover and fill in any bald area with an area of the scalp that still has healthy hair still growing on it.

Which One is For You?

People will have to carefully select just which technique of hair replacement is ideal for them. Time and money can indeed be very well spent on hair replacement solutions with the most amazing results, so make sure that your choice works out just the way you wished it to!

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