Hearing Aids

The Pros or Cons of Using Hearing Aids


Having difficulty hearing for the past some time?  According to the best ent surgeon in Karachi, either a physical check-up or the use of a hearing aid is often recommended.  

A hearing device is an instrument that is used when a person is suffering from a hearing impairment and thus is dependent on the use of a device that aids the whole process of hearing.

Thus it is important for us to discuss the many questions regarding the use of these hearing aids such as 

What are these hearing aids?

What are the effects of using these hearing aids?

What are the pros of wearing hearing aids?

What are the cons of wearing hearing aids?

Types of hearing aids

Given below are some of the hearing aids that are available in the market. 

Completely in the Canal 

This type of hearing aid fits right inside the canal of the ear. Furthermore, it is small in size and thus is highly unnoticeable. Ear surgeons would recommend this type of hearing aid to those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. 

The disadvantage of this one is that it can get clogged with the wax that is produced inside the ear. Moreover, these aids come with the use of batteries and thus are very short-lived. In addition to all that they do not provide high levels of ease and are limited in features. 

In the Canal 

These types of hearing aids are often recommended to those who have mild to moderate loss of hearing. In the canal hearing aids are the perfect fit for the ear and that is how aids with the hearing process. 

The visibility of this one is quite high as others can spot it. Furthermore, the ear wax can clog these hearing aids and that is not a benefit. 

In the Ear 

Often recommended to those who are suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. The size of these hearing aids is also large and thus they are entitled to provide a large range of promising features. 

Moreover, the management of these tools is considerably easy. In addition to these many benefits, the battery life is quite marvelous and is a bonus. But a major downside of these types of devices is that they can pick up all the background music such as wind, traffic, noise, and all other things. Furthermore, the wax vlogging issues continue in this one also. 

Behind the Ear 

This one is the most visible type of hearing aid that exists out there. This is not an in-ear instrument and is actually present behind the ear. It comes with a tube that extends to the ear canal. 

The best thing about these types of hearing aids is that they are allowed for every age group be it an adult or a kid. So this device can be used by anyone who has a hearing problem and that is its major benefit. 

Another benefit of this type of hearing device is that it provides the right dose of amplification. These types of devices also give the users an experience of directional microphones. Furthermore, they come with chargeable batteries so that is something quite right about them. 

The only thing that can be considered a con is that it is quite visible. 

Receiver in Canal or Receiver in the Ear 

These types of devices are more suitable because they cover the external ear. Yet there is a wire that extends and is present inside the inner ear. Although they are quite the visible ones to the naked eye, they do have a standout feature. They are quite the right choice to make because they have numerous control options. 

But the issue of becoming clogged by ear wax is still persistent. 

Open Fit 

For those who are suffering from mild to moderate hearing impairment, this one is the right option for them. The shape of this one is like a dome and is connected with a tube that will go inside the ear canal. An added feature is that this one is prone to all the clogging because it mostly is present outside the ear. 

Some of the premium features of this one are as follows:

  • Directional microphones
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Noise reduction 
  • Remote controls

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